Kingfisher an American Bar and Grill

roadtrip 2014!

California/Hawaii: May 23 -June 4
Pacific Northwest: June 5 - June 16
Great Plains/Midwest: June 17 - June 30
Down South: July 15- July 31
Back East: August 1 -August 14
Southwest: August 15 - August 31

Southwest - August 15 - August 31


FAUXGRONI, 1800 silver tequila, Campari, lemon, sugar, on the rocks, twist. 9.75
SMOKE ON THE RILLITO, Mesquite smoked Whiskey Del Bac, urfa biber infused sweet Vermouth, Angostura bitters, whiskey soaked raisins, up. 10.5
ARIZONA STRONGHOLD, "Mangus,” Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petite Verdot, 2012, Arizona. 9.75
MOTHER ROAD BREWERY, “Gold Road,” Flagstaff, Arizona, Draft. 6


CITRUS, RED CABBAGE & JICAMA SALAD, poblano vinaigrette, spiced pepitas, sun-dried tomato salsa, avocado, banana squash. 8
BAKED BAJA OYSTERS “ROCKY POINT”, “house reposado,” cilantro pinenut pesto, cotija cheese. (5) 16
SMOKED DUCK QUESADILLA, charro bean, asadero cheese, pickled onions, salsa fresca. 9


SAUTEED PECAN CRUSTED TILAPIA, citrus butter sauce, calabacitas, Texmati rice pilaf. 20.14
GRILLED VENISON RIB CHOPS, chile marinated, mango salsa, black bean masa cake, grilled squash. 28
CHILE BRAISED SHORTRIBS OF BEEF, smoked jalapeno jelly, mashed sweet potatoes, calabacitas. 27
ROASTED GOAT POSOLE, Anaheim chile, poblanos, tomatillo,hominy, carrots,potatoes,rajas. 18


CHILE ANCHO POT DU CRÈME, whipped crème, biscochitos. 8
GOAT CHEESE SOUFFLE CAKE, pinenut-mesquite flour crust, cajeta caramel, spiced pecans. 8

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