Kingfisher an American Bar and Grill

Roadtrip 2015!

Southwest: Friday, May 22 -Wednesday, June 3
Pacific Northwest: Thursday, June 4 - Wednesday, June 17
Great Plains / Midwest: Thursday, June 18 - Tuesday, June 30
California / Hawaii: Wednesday, July 15 - Monday, August 1
Back East: Tuesday, August 4 - Wednesday, August 19
Down South: Thursday, August 20 - Sunday, September 6

BEST OF Tour or
“What I did on my Summer Vacation”


SPURGRONI (PAC/NW) Rogue Pink Spruce Gin, Ransom Dry Vermouth, Campari, Orange Slice, on the rocks. 10.50
CAN'T BEET IT (BE) Chopin Rye, Basil-Beet “Shrub,” cracked black pepper, pickled beet served up. 10


CREOLE BARBECUE SHRIMP & GRITS (DS) voodoo lager, garlic, butter, worcestershire, scallions. 13
KINGFISHER'S PACIFIC NORTHWEST SAMPLER (PAC/NW) smoked seafood, northwest cheese, bruschetta, pickled cherries, wild mushroom spread, Oregon olive oil, lingonberry jam. 20
TAKO POKE’ (CAL/HI) octopus, cucumber, tomato, sesame oil, soy sauce, chile flakes, red onion 12
SEAFOOD ALBONDIGAS (SW) Gulf seafood meatballs, shellfish tomato broth, rajas. 10


BRAISED BUFFALO SHORTRIBS herb marinated, spiced tomato catsup, gorgonzola mashed potatoes, roasted summer squashes. 26
GRILLED ACHIOTE RUBBED GUAYMAS SHRIMP(6,) “CHALUPA” (SW) Charro beans, radish, pickled onion, shredded lettuce, cabbage, avocado crema, cotija. 24
GRILLED GULF REDFISH (DS) roasted peach gastrique, sweet corn relish, hoppin john, grilled zucchini. 27
PAN SEARED SEA SCALLOPS (BE) port wine butter sauce, basil oil, garlic mash, braised kale, fennel and Cipollini’s. 27


COFFEE CARAMEL POTS du CRÈME (PAC/NW) hazelnut chocolate nib brittle, dried cherry biscotti. 8

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