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The Locals

Budweiser • classic rice beer (world’s largest brewery) 4.5 12oz
Budweiser Light • the lite version 4.5 12oz
Odells • “Cutthroat Porter,” mmmmm good, Fort Collins, CO 5 12oz
Bells Brewery • “Amber Ale,” Comstock, MI 5 12oz
Stone Brewing Co IPA • “A Hoppy Brew,” San Diego 5 12oz
Michelob Ultra • Dave’s fav low-carb beverage 4.5 12oz
Rogue • “Dead Guy Ale,” rich and malty, Oregon 6 12oz

The Immigrants

Ayinger • Bavarian Wheat Ale (please inquire) 8 500ml
Boddingtons Pub Ale • “the cream of Manchester” 6 16oz
Heineken • in the green can 5.5 12oz
Paulaner • Hefeweizen, Crisp, Complex 5 12oz
Negra Modelo • Diamond’s favorite ale 5 12oz
Tecate • a classic in a red can w/limones 4 12oz
Amstel Light • here by popular demand 5.5 12oz
Chimay Ale • “Blue grande reserve,” Belgian Ale 8 12oz
Pacifico • clean, but hearty lager 5 12oz
Pilsner Urquell • the first true pilsner beer 5 12oz
Leffe Abby Ale • Belgian Ale, full and creamy 5.5 12oz
Stella Artois • A Belgian classic 5.5 11.2oz
Lindemann’s • Framboise, Peach 8 12oz
Magners • fermented cider 5 330ml
Kaliber NA • malty with classic pilsner hops 5 12oz

Draught seasonal selections. M.P.
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On the Stem - 9.75

Pama-Stoli Martini Stoli vodka, Pomegranate liqueur, twist
Grover’s Martini Bombay Sapphire gin, with blue cheese stuffed olives
Chocolate Martini Absolut vodka, white creme de cacao, chocolate shavings
James Bond Martini 3⁄5 Stoli, 2⁄5 Blond Lillet, splash of dry vermouth, lemon twist, “shaken, not stirred”
Grand Vox Martini Vox vodka with splash of Grand Marnier, orange twist
Raspberry-Monk Raspberry vodka, dash of Frangelico, splash of Chambord, kiln dried raspberry
Espresso Martini Absolut Vanilla vodka, splash of espresso, Kahlua
Rat Pack Manhattan Basil Hayden bourbon, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters, cherry
El Perfecto Mahattan High West “Double Rye” whiskey, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, twist
Kingfisher Manhattan Bulleit Frontier bourbon, Pernod, sweet vermouth, Peychaud’s bitters, twist
Royal Manhattan Crown Royal Black, Angostura bitters, sweet vermouth, with a triple sec float, orange
Tequini 1800 tequila, fresh lime juice, triple-sec, served up, salted or unsalted rim?
Rye Smile High West “Double Rye” whiskey, Guinness jam, splash of Drambuie, orange bitters, orange twist
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Kingfisher Favorites - 9.75

Mojito White rum, fresh mint, limes, sugar
Turkey Shoot Wild Turkey, Wild Turkey Rye, smoked cola syrup, soda, Absinthe rinse
Lemon Aide Citrus vodka, sugar, fresh lemon juice, sugared rim, lemon twist
Kingcosmo Finlandia Cranberry vodka, triple-sec, and a splash of cranberry juice finished with a twist
King Kir Sparkling wine, Chambord liqueur and a twist
Kingfisher Daiquiri 10 Cane rum, dash of triple sec, sugar, lime, shaken & served up
Caipirinha Cachaca, lime, simple syrup, crushed ice
Mi Tio Borracho Hornitos Plata, orange curacao, Tio Ceddy’s Agua Chiltepin sweet and sour, mango, mint
Swizzlefish Meyer’s Rum, John D. Taylor’s Velvet Falernum, cinnamon syrup, lime juice, Angostura Bitters, crushed ice
Dark n’ Stormy Gosling’s Black Seal rum, Bundaberg ginger beer, lime
KFM Tres Agaves tequila, fresh lime, agave nectar
The Fernet & Daisy House Reposado tequila, Fernet Branca, ginger sweet and sour, mint-infused Patron Citronge, lime
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Herradura Seleccion Suprema • the best. 35
Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia • aged in American & French Oak. 15
Del Maguey Mezcal “Minero” • distilled in copper stills, warm & smokey. 15
Herencia Mexicana • 100% pure Agave. 9
El Tesoro Platinum • hints of pepper and spice. 9
El Tesoro Anejo • citrus, rosemar. 11
Patron Silver • vanilla nose, limones. 9
Don Eduardo Anejo • full flavored with sweet bourbon. 11
Chinaco Reposado • exotic, ginger, pepper. 9.5
Tres Generaciones Plata • triple distilled, very smooth. 8
Tres Generaciones Anejo • smoky, rich, cognac-like. 10
Hornitos Reposado • lemon, herbs, full-bodied. 8
Hornitos Plata • very smooth, citrus. 8.5
Sotol Hacienda de Chihuahua Plata • Smooth and fresh. 8
Don Julio Silver • spicy vanilla and smooth butterscotch. 9
Don Julio Anejo • hey, Mexico. 11
El Jimidor, “house reposado” 9
Agavero • Licor de Tequila. 8
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Scotch Whiskey


Lagavulin • 16yr peaty, smoky, intense. 16
Laphroaig • 10yr full bodied / medicinal oily & intense. 13
Laphroaig • 18yr full bodied / medicinal oily and oaky. 18
Bowmore • 18yr very aromatic, notes of sherry, heather & bourbon. 20
Bowmore • 12yr complex, with iodine, peat & leather. 13
Talisker• 10yr lightly peaty, honey, sherry. 10


Glenlivet • 25yr sherry cask finish. 30
Nadurra • 16yr soft fruits, dry, American oak finish. 18
Glenlivet • 12yr gently warming w/ malty dryness & vanilla. 9
Glenlivet • 18yr George Smith’s pure single malt. 18
Oban • 14yr stone of destiny. 16
Glenmorangie • 10yr spicy w/ sherry & creamy butter. 10
Glenmorangie • 12yr port wood finish. 15
Glenmorangie • 12yr Nectar D Or. 15
Macallan • 12yr smooth, flowering berrie & lots of dry sherry. 11
Auchentoshan • 12yr (lowlands) crisp citrus & dry (triple distilled.) 10
Balvenie • 12yr (Speyside) “Double Wood” toffee, baking spice, honey 12
Balvenie • 14yr (Speyside) “Caribbean cask” fruit, sugar cane, peat 14
Balvenie • 17yr (Speyside) “Double Wood” smooth, vanilla oak, sherry
Johnny Walker “Our blend cannot be beat” Blue Label • 50 year blend. 28
Johnny Walker Green Label • 15 year blend. 14
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American Whiskey Bourbon

Blanton’s • 92 • single barrel • R • smooth cinnamon, butterscotch & cloves. 10
Booker’s • 126.5 • small batch • JB • big body, very smooth - peaches & cigars. 10
Knob Creek • 100 • small batch • JB • dark fruits & candied apples. 10
Baker’s • 107 • small batch • JB • soft vanilla & almonds (stylish manhattans). 10
Basil Hayden’s • 80 • small batch • JB • sophisticated, spicy & very rye. 10
Woodford Reserve • 90 • small batch • W • rich oak, vanilla & honey. 10
Evan Williams Vintage • 86.6 • single barrel • R • syrupy maple w/pine & wildflowers. 10
Maker’s Mark • 90 • W • soft body w/ lots of honey & oak. 9
W.T. Kentucky Spirit • 101 • single barrel • R • almonds, blackberries, mild leather & oak. 10
High West Double Rye • 92 • blend • R• eucalyptus, spicy. 10
W.T. Rare Breed • 109 • small batch • R • assertive w/sweet tobacco, oranges & mint. 10
Jack Daniel’s • 94 • JB • {Tenn. whiskey} single barrel sour mash toasted oak, vanilla, carmel. 11
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Aged rums / Navy Rums - 9.75

Appleton Estate V/X • Jamaica • blend of several different aged rums, light spice, toasted honey.
Don Q Cristal • Puerto Rico • rum of the people.
Planters Gold Pyrat XO Reserve • Anguila, British West Indies golden, smooth.
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Port And Desert Wines

Port, Tobin James, “Liquid Love,” (Paso Robles) 12
Electra, Orange Muscat, (CA) 7
Elysium, Black Muscat, (CA) 7
Pacific Rim, Ice Wine, 2011 (Columbia Valley) 14
Late Harvest Table Wine, “Dolce” 2006 (Napa) 25
Taylor Fladgate, Late Bottled Vintage 2007 9
Taylor Fladgate, First Estate Reserve 8
Taylor Fladgate, 30 year old tawny 24
Taylor Fladgate, 40 year old tawny 35
Sandeman, 20 year old tawny 18
Warre’s “Otima,” 10 year tawny porto 11
Fonseca Bin 27 7
Warre’s Warrior 7
Rotta, “Black Monukka,” (California) 10
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Vintage Ports / American Distillates

Fonseca, Guimaraens, Vintage 1997 bottle 180
Brandy, Germain-Robin, “Coast Road Reserve,” Mendocino 13
Brandy, Germain-Robin, Lot 28, Mendocino 13


Menuet Grande Champagne XO Premiere Cru 30
Kelt VSOP floral aroma, smooth from start to vanilla sweet finish 14
Kelt XO 42 year old, violet, nutmeg, dates, rich and complex 35
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Classic Hot Beverages

Hot Butterd Rum Appleton Estate Rum, La Perruche pure cane suger, fresh nutmeg, hot H2O, butter. 9.75
KF Hot Chocolate Brandy, spiced chocolate, steamed milk, whipped cream, chocolate shavings. 9
Hot Toddy Makers Mark, mesquite honey, fresh citrus, hot H2O. 9.75
KF Coffee Baileys, Dark Creme de Cacao, whipped cream, lagniappe. 9.75
KF Steamer Patron XO Cafe, steamed milk, Ibarra Chocolate. 9.75

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